Top 6 Reasons To Buy 50mm Lens for your photography needs


Have you ever wonder why everyone is so much obsessed with 50mm lens? You can make good use of this lens by knowing some top reasons to consider adding it to your camera bag for good. This post will certainly help you find all the latest info and answers to your queries.

50mm lens review:

It really doesn’t matter if you are shooting with a Nikon, Canon or any camera brand. The only fact that a photographer needs to consider is own a 50mm lens. This excellent thing about this lens is that it is greatly versatile and quite popular among the other photographers. You can use this for many other purposes like the street documentary, weddings photography, or many more. It is a prime lens that has so many perks and easy to see why many professional wants this lens in the first place. This one is not too much wider, not too long, and be used for cramped space to capture the landscapes and buildings.

It is packed with real punch compare to the other lenses. When people ask themselves what lens they should buy after getting their first camera. Then it becomes quite obvious that they get complex in the situation and want that is incredibly super and at the same time affordable. If you are true photographer want to experience something great then you should consider equipping yourself with a lens that is worthy in every way possible.

What is the lens definition?

To challenge yourself and ask which lens is suitable to give you a picture-perfect shot then you must learn all the aspects of getting a lens. Everyone can buy an expensive camera but do you the actual worth is the lens. Where this 50mm can help you capture the wider aperture of F/1.8 and with (3x3x3) light effects you can get a shutter speed and also avoid camera shaking all at the same time.

There are no noises in it, with higher ISO combination you can get this lens and enjoy a perfect holiday trip and never miss a single moment with high-quality resolution up to 720p and more fidelity and results.

Which are the top reasons you can consider buying this lens?

There is no need to buy any bigger lenses that way more expensive than your pay grade instead why not be subtle and choose this 50mm f/1.8 which will give you different types of functionalities along with other benefits. Before you made your mind buying a lens please consider giving this a look.

1) It’s cheaper:

Let’s face one thing here folks, camera gear in its own way is quite expensive and what amazing thing is that you can get this 50mm lens between $120 and $210 and don’t let the small amount fool you. It is a perfect lens and you can definitely go for it according to your budget and never be disappointed.

2) It’s faster:

Perhaps the biggest thing you will get from this lens is that it is a lot faster and zoom faster compare to any other lens. In photo mode, it uses fast glass with wide aperture lens and shutter speed you can achieve a wonderful zooming even with crop sensor camera.

3) Its lightweight and small:

One thing that cannot be denied is that having a heavy lens can sometimes feel frustrating and everybody just hates that, so it is a great idea to use this 50mm lens that will ease your wrists and arms. It is not obtrusive to only use heavy or bulky lenses, but having this you can toss it into the backpack so easily. It is also highly recommended for traveling being as lightweight and small. Whether you using it with canon 50mm lens camera or any other you might find this one pretty helpful.

4) It’s versatile:

This one of the best reasons to look forward to this camera lens, the focal length of 50mm has a versatile range and yields a normal perspective similar to what you see with your own eyes. That makes this lens quite a great concern for the photojournalists. Another perk this lens is known for is to give low light scenarios and comes handy for indoor settings.

You can use for portraits, lifestyle, travel, studio, newborn, streets, wedding, photography without compromising a thing.

5) It will make you a better photographer:

If you truly want to improve your skills as a professional photographer then you must use this lens. This is a prime lens to provide you creativity and agile than ever before. It will help you keep you on your toes, you can take the shot from any angle and zoom it with the wider aperture with Nikon 50mm lens 1.8 that allows you give more creativity and use longer depth of the surrounding field.

6) SLR looks:

Today, most people prefer to buy a DSLR camera that is because they want to look which they see in magazines or online. But still, they can’t get the look they want because they are using a lens kit made with different combinations of zooming capabilities. For all your problems there is one solution and is the 50mm lens.

Final words about 50mm lens:

If you are going for a long holiday trip, for a professional tour, attending the family event, Christmas, or just sightseeing then I highly recommend that you should get this canon 50mm f1.8 in your bag. You can afford it, it looks fancier and with the much lesser price you are getting an ultimate solution for all your photography needs. Just don’t let this opportunity slip through your hands.

Just keep it in mind while shopping just told your girlfriends to give you a pleasant surprise in form of this one 😉 . No matter what you say this lens is worth it and you can rely on it for a longer time which camera brand you use it will only get better if you set it with this one.

I’m hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”.

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I'm hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  "In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality".