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Are you a new photographer and want to learn all about the art of photography and also want to build up your skills? Then it is time you should follow An Intro to Redbubble for Photographers the complete guide to develop and communicate with other artists.

Redbubble review:

There aren’t many online platforms where photographers can sell their art with a decent price. Being as a top-notch photographer comes with so many responsibilities and to make sure you are selling to a good buyer that is worthy of your work. Taking pictures using best cameras and lenses will only become special when others take full interest and for that, you need to expand your skills and also make sure other people would notice it as well. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer there is no end to your journey untill the point your efforts are acknowledged.

Who doesn’t want to show their best artwork in photographic industry? You need to be creative and smart to be able to work with those aspects altogether. Exactly like that red bubble photography has become the latest trend of the modern photography where art meets pictures taken by the camera and together they makes a perfect product you can display the way you like it. Sounds interesting isn’t it folks, now let’s get into details.

What exactly is a red bubble?

For some of you who don’t know about what is a red bubble, then it is important to know that is a user-friendly site which facilitates you to sell your artwork, and at the same time, you can establish yourself in the community of artists from within. You can learn to communicate with better skills, support, and collaborate with others. From a photographer point of view, it can certainly provide you a great way to sell all your artwork and photos in various mediums.

Thanks to its user-friendly upload page, simple tagging and description system you will have the ability to set up the prices with images which becomes available instantly for purchase. One of the most important things about you need to know about the red bubble is that this one is a not a photo sharing website where you can sell dozens of holiday photos. Its entire focus is different towards the passions of artists to sell their valuable art and years of work.

Which are the essential tips you need follow the red bubble?

There are several ways that you can use red bubble to your advantage and sell your best work yet. You have to follow the below tips to make it use perfectly including,

1) Tagging:

Using this site it will allow you to apply up to 12 tags to each of your work and can be used to assist you for research more artwork in the site. This site will suggest that you should use a proper tag description or phrase about your work. If you have pictures from, sunset, mountains, dominant colors, landscapes, or seasons then you should use the most features to attract buyers in the tag words respectfully and will purchase the image based on the research.

2) Uploading:

As already mentioned, using uploading feature in red bubble is quite easy, after you created an account on it, most artists or photographers wonders how to upload to red bubble, the answer is quite simple, all you need is to simply click on the labeled button call add your work and it will follow you to prompt. You have to answer some questions related to your title and select your product selection as photography or art. You will be given choice and then you can upload it.

3) Using products:

The range of products in red bubble is fine and direct towards to the art with pop culture while using the best quality as possible. When you see the print range, they offer you matted prints, mounted prints, laminated prints, framed prints, canvas prints, and posters. You can choose to show for stickers, T-shirts, clothes, or kid’s merchandise. The choice is entirely up to you who image that suits better and also some sellers will recommend the product that best suits with product image.

4) Groups:

As I have mentioned above, this site has the largest communities alive similar to the other big photographic sites. You get to choose the group range you want to follow, based on Middle East, new south-west, who are often hinted as roses, sunsets, black color. Joining these groups you will get to learn some incredible techniques of Zoom blur and Zoom effects. You will be able to connect with others and seeing their art you can choose your own subject as well.

5) Following the people:

One of the biggest features is using red bubble is that it allows you to add people in your watch list. You can get notify any of your followers to post artwork of your favorite one. This is a perfect way to get new inspiration from others work and meets exciting and passionate artists and you can get to choose your own new subject to work on.

Why do you need to use it red bubble in the first place?

Generally, it is a good way to offer work for sale environment where you can mark anything up and also be able to offer red bubble print quality products that you feel are perfect enough for others to purchase. It is pretty best to compare to buying anything from outside with worse quality and poor frame.

You will certainly enjoy the supportive environment that will inspire millions of photographers and learn all kinds of new techniques with occasional physical meetups and learn so much about other artists in the world. This is a perfect opportunity if you haven’t tried anything yet and become a perfect expert in photography world to sell your work at a right price.

I’m hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”.

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I'm hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  "In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality".