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Ken Rockwell review:

How would you feel if you were allowed only to use one camera lens through all your life which one would you choose? A photographic lens is something that defines the style and vision of photography. There are many types of different lens you will see that captures the best of your moments and you can watch it back to back to see how much it means to you. Today almost every person has the desire to go out someplace and take their camera with them and click on those pictures that really define their very existence.

But in order to do that, you need to have a better camera that surely gives you the something special and you can call yourself an excellent photographer. The lens is the most important aspect while taking a picture that shows all of your hard work, whether you are using it for the professional or personal reason you first need to learn everything about it to get a better idea of how to utilize its full potential.

What exactly is a ken Rockwell lens?

For those of you who don’t know that Ken Rockwell is one of that amazing and favorite lens that comes at a very cheap price with 60mm f/1.9 optics. One thing is for sure lens do not take pictures photographers does. For that, there are a lot of amateurs believes that buying latest lenses will make them shoot perfect photographs. However, it all lies how a true photographer uses his tools to get a picture-perfect shot.

This camera lens has all the potential to be called best in its own way with combining it with a camera and take the shots whether at or night.

Which are the important tips you need to follow for Ken Rockwell photography?

In order for you fully know the capability of this lens you must need to study it and see how much it will go beyond your expectations to deliver a perfect picture you hoped for. You can follow these awesome tips that will help you understand this lens complete potential and utilize it accordingly such as,

1) Sometimes boring can be a nice thing:

Having a super telephoto or circular fisheye lens allows you to capture picture automatically. But with this 50mm does the opposite. It will certainly not help you get fit into a thousand people group frame but surely it will help to create the surface. Its charm lies in the moon and some of you might find it boring but still worth a shot.

2) Try to be a photographer, not a nerd or Geek:

If you are a typical photographer who always carry a heavy camera bag full of lenses and equipment, and pray carrying those lenses would help you get some good picture, then you are totally wrong. Many thoughts using 50mm camera lens is a stupid thing once you get the old of this lens you will being cheap does come with its pleasures. You will love this lens and don’t need to work hard on setting it.

3) More lighter means more fun:

According to the latest survey, many people have stated that photography is all about having lots of fun. Whether you are doing this as professionally and fill the assignment. But using this camera lens would be a great idea because it is quite lighter and no one will complain about your opinions unless you make them in right way.

4) Using fixed lens can make better pictures:

Using ken Rockwell photography in fixed lens would actually give a pretty perfect picture. You can set it and it will get adjusted automatically. It will not get stuck or broken if you put it in the right spot for any shoot you go out.

5) Never to carry anything else:

There are many people who usually carry two or three lenses and thinks it is a good thing, the best part of being a photographer is that if you have a good eye then you only need one lens like. Ken Rockwell 50mm lens. Once you learn to shoot with one lens you will be able to take pictures more intuitively and never bother wasting time changing lens.

6) Always see the composition before shooting:

You will see that this 50mm lens has a great field of view which is similar to a human eye. This will help you gauge the frame without putting the camera to your eye. Ken Rockwell gives you great precision and timing to set the shoot no matter which day cycle you are going for.

7) Look for beautiful blur:

If you are a fan of using a camera lens, then you already know that focus is quite important and using this 50mm lens with f/1.8 can give you enough clarity in pictures which you have never seen.

8) Do not spend your money elsewhere:

Instead of spending thousands of money on the getting high-end lenses, you should gladly choose this 50mm f/1.8 which is far better option to choose. It has sharp tack, produces no flare, focus much faster than many pro lenses. You should consider spending your money on this one at a very cheap price and spending rest on your education or travelling.

9) Simple to use:

You may come across with various cameras that will melt your heart for point and shoot. But still they are quite complicated. Why not choose simple and easy to use, so you never need to think about technical settings. You can use the entire emphasis on the light and this 50mm lens is great for zooming, with no complicated levers and all you need is just one single click.

These are the some Ken Rockwell tips you need to follow to take full advantage using with the camera.

I’m hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”.

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I'm hobbyist  Photographer I believe that  "In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality".